On August 3, Jeremy Jordan filed a complaint with the State Bar of New Mexico against attorney Antonio Williams, the Chair of the City Ethics Review Commission that investigated and reprimanded his wife, City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, for intentionally abusing her fuel card privileges.

Only days later, Jordan’s complaint was summarily dismissed by the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of New Mexico.

On August 17, Jordan wrote to the Disciplinary Board requesting that the dismissal of his complaint be reviewed and that Williams be investigated further.

This past Monday, Alex C. Walker, Member of the Disciplinary Board, wrote to Jordan to inform him that  “the investigation conducted was adequate” and that he is “not ordering any further investigation” of his complaint against Williams. (see attached)

In short, Jordan’s complaint has run its course and was thrown out two days ago.

I have to say, the behavior of Jordan and his wife is unbelievably vicious. Not even President Richard Nixon had as much hubris when he used his position to investigate and destroy his political opponents.

The word on the street is that Hernandez, who is now facing a recall effort by 54 unpaid volunteers, plans to run for Mayor.

The resulting ball of flames would exceed the Hindenburg in temperature and luminosity.


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From: Max Grossman
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2023 6:09 PM

Friends and Media,

Jeremy Jordan aims to destroy the professional career of attorney Casey Williams, who is Chair of the Ethics Review Commission that investigated his wife Cassandra Hernandez, by maligning him before the State Bar of New Mexico.

On July 24, the Ethics Review Commission presented a Letter of Reprimand to City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, who spent $6,691 on her gas card in 2022 and repeatedly lent it to her husband. The Letter states she used her position “to secure unwarranted privileges for [herself], relatives or others” and that the misuse was “intentional.”

On August 3, Jordan filed the attached complaint against WIlliams with the State Bar of New Mexico, alleging “misrepresentation/false statements, revealing confidences, conflict of interest, and lack of competence.” He accuses Williams of “multiple violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) and the Creed of Professionalism for Attorneys, particularly relating to his behavior toward City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez.”

On August 7, Williams replied to the Members of the Disciplinary Board of the New Mexico Supreme Court, telling them: “Mr. Jordan, obviously is upset about the decision our Commission made against his wife, and appears to file this immediate complaint against me with your Board in an effort to discredit, disparage, and harass me. […] It is clear to me that this complaint is a retaliatory act for our commission unanimously finding his own wife violated the City’s Ethics Code.”

On August 9, the Disciplinary Board responded to Jordan, pointing out that he omitted to mention that he is married to Hernandez. They dismissed his complaint for “insufficient evidence” and concluded that that they “would not be able to prove that Mr. Williams acted improperly in any regard.”

On August 23, the Ethics Commission unanimously rejected Hernandez’s request for reconsideration, but not before she attacked Commissioner Bruce Yetter in an exchange that has already become iconic and received more than 750 views on YouTube.

Incredibly, on August 29, Jordan wrote to the Disciplinary Board demanding that his complaint against Williams be reconsidered. He offered new “evidence” in the form of screenshots of Williams’ social media posts from four years ago, when Williams was campaigning against Hernandez in the District 3 race. (see attached) The Disciplinary Board has yet to reply to him.

I’ll state it again. Hernandez reminds me of President Richard Nixon, who conspired to ruin anyone who stood in his way by weaponizing his power and influence for private gain.

And we all know how that story ended.