We reported previously that the January 15 campaign finance report of Cassandra Hernandez shows that she raised $0 as of the end of 2023. It also shows that that she loaned herself $12,660, presumably to cover her mounting legal expenses.

Hernandez appointed a campaign treasurer for her mayoral run on January 31 and as of early April had disclosed only $6,800 in contributions. Her Campaign Kickoff & Fundraiser at Deadbeach Brewery was a total flop.

Since April 9 she raised an additional $9,000, bringing her fundraising total to $15,800. Her largest individual donation came from Steve Ortega, who contributed $2,500.

But here’s the clincher…

Item 21 of the July 2 agenda reveals that her campaign recently received a loan of $35,000, bringing her loan total to $47,660.

Thus she has borrowed more than three times more than she raised!

Meanwhile Renard Johnson is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there is no doubt that Brian Kennedy will be well into six figures if he decides to run in July.

In spite of her fundraising failure and the worst voting record in the history of El Paso, Gassandra shows no sign of withdrawing from the race for mayor.

She knows that her chances of winning are smaller than the odds of a meteorite landing on her desk, and yet she is still pushing forward with her candidacy.

We are convinced that she knows she is going to lose but has another motive for remaining in the race.