Rep. Cassandra Hernandez told Ariana Parra of KFOX14 that she opposes Proposition J, which obviously means that we should all support it.

You see, if you want to use your vote to improve our city, all you have to do is find out how Hernandez is voting and then do the exact opposite.

During her long tenure on City Council, Hernandez has voted to raise our property tax six times, to issue more than a half-billion dollars of new debt without voter approval, and to back every insolvent project and corporate handout that has come across her desk for review.

She stands for high taxation and deficit spending, so she fiercely opposes any financial reform.

Proposition J would amend our City Charter so that the Chief Internal Auditor reports directly to City Council rather than to the City Manager. Moreover, it would place the Auditor under the authority of the City representative who chairs the Financial Oversight and Audit Committee (FOAC): Brian Kennedy.

Passing Proposition J will enable Kennedy and the other fiscally responsible members of City Council to examine our municipal finances without interference from the City Manager or his staff.

It is obvious that Hernandez, one of the three remaining members of the Oligarchy Caucus on City Council, would oppose this amendment because she is accustomed to writing blank checks and obeying the will of City Manager Gonzalez.

She actually wants us to believe that if she and her colleagues were given more oversight of City finances that it could lead to corruption, so she supports the status quo:

“I truly do believe that what we have is the safest for our taxpayers. […] I’m very concerned that if the voters changed that it could open the door for future, you know, bad things it could, it could really risk the taxpayer and unfortunately, it could lead to corrupt practices.”

We do not believe her.

YES on Prop J!

NO on Prop K!