Of the three candidates running for Texas House District 77, Norma Chavez is the most fiscally responsible and best qualified for the position.

She invited us to her campaign launch, held November 1 at Mesa Street Grill, and impressed us with her pragmatic, financial priorities and her authentic demeanor. There was a wide range of supporters present, all enthusiastic about her candidacy.

During the 14 years she previously served in the Texas House, between 1997 and 2011, she earned a reputation for bipartisanship and authored several bills that made a significant impact on our community. We believe that her seniority and experience will help ensure she will be an effective advocate for District 77.

Norma Chavez

In her current campaign to return to the Texas Legislature, she has vowed to put the taxpayers first and to “fight to ensure property tax reform continues.”

She told us on the phone she opposes issuing certificates of obligations for non-emergency purposes. We hope she will join bipartisan efforts to severely curtail their use.

She also told us of her disappointment with the recent effort by our State Delegation to increase our vehicle registration fee to the highest in Texas. Fortunately, the bill was quashed by Republicans, but we need Chavez in our Delegation to oppose such initiatives in the future.

Her other priorities include improving veterans services, securing more support for law enforcement training and mental health services, procuring more state funding for transportation infrastructure, and reforming health and human services for the elderly.

Chavez strikes us an independent thinker who will not “fall into line” with Texas Senator Blanco and her House colleagues unless they are acting in the best interest of the taxpayers of El Paso. She will place the good of our community ahead of party and oppose any Democratic or Republican measure that is counterproductive or financially reckless.

She would be a refreshing addition to our all-Democratic State Delegation, which tends to vote as a unified block for every progressive or anti-Republican measure that comes before them.


City Rep. Alexsandra Annello is resigning her position on City Council in order to run for the same seat as Chavez, triggering a Special Election to replace her that could cost up to $600,000. With all due respect, we are disappointed she did not stay in office through the end of her term as her constituents and donors had expected.

Rep. Alexsandra Annello of City District 2

We supported Annello from the beginning of her career and strongly commend her for her votes against the ill-fated arena, Great Wolf Lodge, TIRZ 13, and a gaggle of other boondoggles. There is no doubt that she has been a good advocate for City District 2 and that she cares deeply about our community. Yet she did vote to raise our City property tax multiple times and for hundreds of millions in certificates of obligation, and for these reasons we feel that she is not the best fit for state-level office.


We have opposed Vince Perez’s political ambitions since his time on the El Paso County Commissioners Court representing Precinct 3. He is an intelligent man who understands policy and undertook a number of major challenges, such as reforming the County jail system, but he is also cunning, cynical and malevolent and has used his political office in a Nixonian manner to harm his adversaries. In 2019, before he was voted out and replaced by Iliana Holguin, we cited 10 reasons why he should be defeated, and in 2020 we shared his appalling driving record.

Vince Perez

Since that time he has remained politically engaged in our community, joining the Fair Data Group and providing consulting services as VMP Strategies, LLC. Whenever and wherever he runs for office, we will always be there to oppose him.

As Libertarians, we are pleased to endorse Norma Chavez as the best choice for District 77 of the Texas House of Representatives.