Of the 507,865 registered voters in El Paso County, only 25,466 (5.01%) bothered to cast a vote in the Primary Runoff Election, a miserably low turnout. Of these, 24,817 voted as Democrats and 649 voted as Republicans, with another 41 submitting blank ballots.

Vince “Five Raises” Perez won 63.9% of the vote and easily defeated Norma Chavez. He faces no Republican challenger in November, so our State Delegation will remain firmly in the hands of tax-and-spend Democrats who will accomplish precious little in Austin because of their socialist mindset. Perez is absolutely terrible, but he will attract no more notice than any of the current Texas House Representatives.

Oscar “Escobar” Ugarte won 57.36% of the vote, defeating Bobby Flores by a double-digit margin. Ugarte will face Republican Minerva Torres on the November ballot. If Ugarte beats Torres in November, which is likely (given the small number of Republicans in El Paso), he will be the most progressive and least qualified County Sheriff in modern memory. However, we will probably sense no major change in how the law is enforced since he will be unlikely to find funding for his woke policy initiatives.

James Montoya won 52.00% of the vote and defeated Alma Trejo. Montoya now faces Republican incumbent Bill Hicks in the race for District Attorney.

Finally, Republican Congressman Tony Gonzalez of the 23rd District defeated his primary challenger, 28-year old “gunfluencer” Brandon Herrera, who has joked about veteran suicide and the Holocaust and was long active in a Sons of Confederate Veterans group in North Carolina. We also support the Second Amendment, but we are not a fan of his Nazi gun collection that he likes to show off in his YouTube videos. Although Gonzalez beat Herrera in the primary runoff, Herrera got 382 of 649 Republican votes in El Paso County (58.95%).

With the exception of the DA race, which has yet to be decided, most El Pasoans who bothered to vote supported the far left or the far right. One could call this a microcosm of the increasing political polarization of America in recent years.