Dear Media and Friends,

Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News will report on the Duranguito crisis this evening at 5:30pm on Channel 9.

Holt sent a team of four to El Paso on September 20 and 21: a correspondent, cameraman, audio tech, and producer. They investigated the ongoing crisis in Duranguito, shooting footage on site and conducting several lengthy interviews.

NBC Nightly News first aired August 3, 1970 and is currently the second most watched network newscast in the United States, reaching an average of 6.5 million viewers each evening.

Meanwhile is consulted by 88 million people each month, making it one of the top twenty English-language news outlets on earth.

The special report will be aired internationally, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

As I reported in July, the Hispanic Access Foundation listed Duranguito as one of seven sites that deserve protection because of its cultural and historical significance to the Latino community of the United States, and that sparked media reports from CNN, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, the Houston Chronicle, Yahoo, and others.

Local media may contact Veronica Carbajal, whose law firm represents several current and former Duranguito residents, for additional information on the upcoming NBC special report at

Enjoy your day.