We previously reported how former City Manager Joyce Wilson, who launched our City into a 19-year spending binge, lashed out against the current City Council for refusing to fund a half-billion-dollar downtown arena and warned elected leaders to “stop listening to folks like Max Grossman, who do nothing but destroy our city and undermine its progress.”

She suggested that Rep. Kennedy and his fiscally conservative colleagues are small-minded and mediocre and, in a subsequent email, of having “pea-brains.”

Grossman replied to Wilson in a guest-column highlighting her role in ramming the arena past the voters by means of calculated deception and in giving us a Ballpark that hemorrhages money.

The same Wilson just went off on yet another rant, published as a guest column by both the Oligarchy Gazette and Escobar Matters, in which she claims “the present state of affairs of city government is sad and embarrassing,” citing everything from the firing of Tommy Gonzalez to cancelling the project to build an arena in Duranguito.

Her diatribe is entertaining and, quite honestly, it took us a half-hour stop laughing.

Toward the end, she accuses City representatives of “hanging out in Italy with Max Grossman while they allow him to suppress any real economic development effort to create jobs and grow the economy.”

She must mean his dinner with Rep. Art Fierro and his family, who are his friends and happened to be in Rome last week.

We can assure Ms. Wilson that Dr. Grossman is hardly in a position to destroy El Paso’s economy while directing a summer study abroad program and teaching undergraduates about the art and architecture of the Roman Empire.

We can also assure her that the only “minions” present at his dinner with Fierro were several low-flying seagulls and at least one stray cat in a nearby doorway.

We sincerely recommend that Wilson seek help for her obsessive fixation with Grossman and consider meds for her apparent disorder.