Joe Molinar is City Representative of District 4. He served honorably in the United States Marines and then in the El Paso Police Department, including as a homicide detective, before retiring and running for office.

He is a fiscal conservative who voted to fire Tommy Gonzalez, cancel building an arena in Duranguito, and prevent any and all property tax increases.

Time and again, he has stood with the taxpayers of El Paso against those who would issue hundreds of millions in bonds to benefit local developers and construction firms; and their proxies have come after him, falsely accusing him of sexual harassment for asking a woman to dance twice at a City luncheon.

Enter Cynthia Boyar Trejo, founder and CEO of Crowning Point, a company that is “dedicated to empowering women at all levels.” On June 18 she appointed Margarita Garcia as her Campaign Treasurer and ten days later announced her intention to challenge Molinar for his seat.

Clearly, Trejo opposes Molinar’s fiscal prudence otherwise she would not be running for District 4. Just like Renard Johnson, the current Escobar/Hunt candidate for Mayor, she claims El Paso needs a new vision.

Let us translate that one for you.

By vision, what she actually means is that she wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of your hard-earned money on what she feels is best for you.

But ponder this: Cynthia Boyar Trejo had absolutely no voting record before voting in the Primary Election in May.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our research confirms that she had not cast a vote since at least as early as 1998 and that she only registered to vote in El Paso County on August 19, 2018.

So a person who had never bothered to vote until two months ago now wants to run for office in order to represent… voters.

We reached out to her by text and on her campaign Facebook page for comment but she did not reply.

Her launch party was scheduled for today and her Facebook indicates that only six people planned to attend. There was no media coverage.

Molinar’s other two opponents, Dorothy M. “Sissy” Byrd and MAGA-Republican-turned-woke-Democrat Wesley Lawrence, both ran for District 4 in the past and lost.

We have proudly endorsed Joe Molinar and invite all District 4 voters to see our recent interview with him to learn why. Supporting Joe is the biggest no-brainer since humans began walking upright.