Yesterday Erik Elken of KVIA aired his report on the latest scientific arena poll, showing that only 26% of El Pasoans support building an arena in Duranguito. Now you can watch the video, which has recently been uploaded.

Mayor Leeser stays true to his campaign position, stating that the remaining $153 million in QOL bond money should be spent to renovate the Abraham Chavez Theater and upgrade the Convention Center.

In Elken’s digital report we read: “Leeser says he envisions Duranguito to eventually look something like San Antonio’s Riverwalk with a district of thriving shops and restaurants.”

Thus, Leeser proposes a solution that will keep the MPC project within its budget, obviate the City’s need to use eminent domain, prevent further displacement of vulnerable El Pasoans, save a historic barrio from oblivion, and reestablish trust in our municipal government.

I want to be clear. Mayor Leeser is not my opponent. He is no Dee Margo. He is part of the solution.

And so our city reps Alexsandra Annello and Joe Molinar.

In January, between two and four new city reps will assume office, and I feel confident that there will be a strong pro-Duranguito coalition in place and that the Oligarch lackeys on City Council will lose their majority for the first time in modern memory.

That is why it is essential for voters to support:

Brian Kennedy for District 1

Richard Genera for District 5

Art Fierro for District 6

Rich Wright for District 8

It is a new day. Please vote!