Vic Kolenc of the El Paso Times just published an outstanding report on the planned arena-amphitheater in Sunland Park, New Mexico. His report confirms the key facts I cite in my original announcement below.

Make no mistake about it. The Sunland Park project competes directly with the arena the City of El Paso has been planning for Duranguito.

One of the investors is Michael Megret, who “said he doesn’t see room for both the Sunland Park venue and the city’s proposed arena.”

Another of the investors, George Lowen, told Kolenc “It’s a certain thing. We bought the land. We’re going through the development process.”

See also the KVIA report of October 26.

Please disregard the report by KTSM, which is fatally flawed because they failed to interview members of the investment group.

The El Paso arena should now be considered dead and in the morgue now that private investors are building an arena-amphitheater in Sunland Park that will cost the taxpayers of El Paso absolutely nothing.

The remaining bond funds should  be used to renovate the Abraham Chavez Theater and Convention Center or the project should be canceled altogether.