A quick search of the County’s database of Civil, Family & Probate Case Records reveals that Jeremy Jordan petitioned to divorce his wife Cassandra Hernandez on January 19, 2024 (case no. 2024DCM0313).

The timing of his petition is interesting.

City Rep. Hernandez has been mired in controversy ever since the Financial Oversight and Audit Committee revealed on May 4, 2023 that in 2022 she purchased 1,944 gallons of gasoline in 112 separate purchases, totaling $6,691.

On June 7, City Attorney Karla Neiman announced that an external law enforcement agency, presumably the FBI, is investigating the City gas card scandal; and on June 16, Rep. Brian Kennedy told the El Paso Times that “there is IRS interest in this.”

As a result of the abuse of her City gas card, the City Ethics Review Commission presented Hernandez with a Letter of Reprimand on July 24.

On August 23, the same Commission unanimously rejected her request for reconsideration, when Commissioner Bruce Yetter famously asked her, “You believe that’s free money for you?”

On September 8, Irene Armendariz-Jackson announced her petition to recall Cassandra Hernandez from office (an effort that ultimately fell short).

On December 14, City Auditor Edmundo Calderon filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the City of El Paso seeking up to $1 million in damages and naming Cassandra Hernandez, Jeremy Jordan, and others as defendants.

Jordan petitioned the court of Judge Marlene Gonzalez for divorce on January 19, and the record of the divorce was immediately sealed, very mysteriously, only to be unsealed today.

Some time after that, Calderon dropped Jordan from his lawsuit against the City, but leaving Hernandez as a defendant.

On January 31, Hernandez announced that she is running for Mayor of El Paso.

PHOTO CREDIT: CBS4, July 20, 2023.