On January 19, Jeremy Jordan petitioned to divorce Cassandra Hernandez, 36 days after she was named as a defendant in Edmundo Calderon’s lawsuit against the City of El Paso.

Today Jordan filed a Notice of Non-Suit, withdrawing his petition for divorce.

Last night, Hernandez posted a picture of herself with her husband on Instagram with a declaration of love for him.

It is interesting that Jordan changed course immediately after Judge Marlene Gonzalez unsealed his divorce petition.

It is also interesting that this morning Hernandez, in her typically Nixonian manner, encouraged her friends on Threads to like the page of Joy Degenhart, who is the opponent of Judge Marlene Gonzalez for election to the 388th District Court.

That is, she is using her political pulpit to hurt Judge Gonzalez, who unsealed Jordan’s divorce petition yesterday and then transferred the case (no. 2024DCM0313) to another court.