During yesterday’s meeting of the City’s Financial Oversight and Audit Committee (FOAC), City Attorney Karla Neiman leaked that an external law enforcement agency is investigating the City gas card scandal.

She did not state whether it is the FBI, Texas Rangers, or another agency.

No one should be surprised, given the failure of the El Paso Police Department to present the evidence of potential crimes by at least two current or former members of City Council to the Office of the District Attorney.

Brianna Perez of KVIA attended the FOAC meeting and published a report on Neiman’s statement.

Apparently when members of FOAC asked Neiman why surveillance video from gas stations has not been made public, she cited an ongoing law enforcement investigation.

The City Attorney’s office then shared a letter they sent to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas asking to withhold videos from the public because of the investigation, confirming Nieman’s statement.

When KVIA contacted the FBI to ask if they are investigation gas card use by City employees, they responded, “Per DOJ policy, the FBI can not confirm or deny the existence of FBI investigations.”

We wish the FBI or whichever other agency or agencies that are investigating this scandal every success in their work.

We can think of at least two individuals who should probably hire criminal defense attorneys.