Yesterday Frank Garza, Special Council to the City of El Paso, advanced George Zavala’s ethics complaint against Rep. Cassandra Hernandez to the City Ethics Review Commission. (see attached)

Zavala filed his complaint May 27 because of Hernandez’s abuse of her City-issued fuel card, and Garza could have taken up to 21 days to determine whether the City Ethics Review Commission has jurisdiction.

He took only 13 days.

Garza did, however, dismiss the portion of the complaint regarding Hernandez’s public advocacy against Proposition J during the last election cycle, ruling that the Texas Ethics Commission has jurisdiction over that matter.

We expect Zavala will re-file that part of his complaint with the State.

Rep. Hernandez has up to 14 days (from yesterday) to respond to Zavala’s complaint by filing a sworn statement with the City clerk.

As soon as she submits her response, the complaint will be forwarded to the City Ethics Review Commission for consideration.

Once received, the Commission will schedule a hearing within 30 days.

If the Commission recommends that Hernandez be removed from office, the matter will go to City Council for a vote.

Meanwhile, we learned Wednesday that outside law enforcement, presumably the FBI and/or Texas Rangers, is actively investigating this matter.