The Latino Heritage Scholars, an initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation (a group with international reach), has listed Duranguito as one of seven sites that deserve protection because of their cultural and historical significance to the Latino community in the United States.

Saturday’s announcement was covered extensively by CNNBloombergNBC, the LA TimesYahoo, the Houston Chronicle, and dozens of other national and regional media outlets.

So far KVIA, which is a CNN partner, is the only local media outlet that has provided coverage.

Hispanic Access lists Duranguito as number 3 among the seven endangered sites.

Ashleyann Perez-Rivera, co-author of the Hispanic Access report, writes: “By failing to take steps toward protection, we risk losing pieces of our past forever.” For Duranguito, see pages 16-17.

Meanwhile, we have a City Council in which four Hispanics plus Peter Svarzbein support displacing the residents of Duranguito and razing their historic neighborhood for a multipurpose basketball arena that we did not vote for and cannot possibly afford.

How much longer can Reps. Svarzbein, Hernandez, Salcido, Rivera and Lizarraga tolerate this national embarrassment?

Enjoy your day.