Yesterday Anthony Jackson of the El Paso Times published a piece informing El Pasoans that the Latino Heritage Scholars, an initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation, published a national report listing Duranguito and the Castner Range among seven sites that need to be preserved (see my previous email below).

The group’s report, “Place, Story and Culture: An Inclusive Approach to Protecting Latino Heritage Sites,” aims to “promote the preservation of sites that embody the contribution of Latinos to the shared national identity and narrative.”Jackson cites co-author Manuel Galaviz, who writes: “Even though for generations Latinos have continued to prove they are essential to the United States, sites that commemorate Latino heritage are disproportionately excluded when it comes to officially designated heritage and conservation sites.”

In 2016, the El Paso City Council unanimously passed a resolution urging Castner Range be dedicated as a national monument, but in that same year they also voted to empower themselves with eminent domain to expel the residents from Duranguito and destroy their neighborhood for a “multipurpose performing arts and entertainment facility.”

Why would our City want to preserve Castner but destroy Duranguito?

Because Paul Foster and his friends don’t want to build an arena in Castner.

Enjoy your day.