Today the City’s outside counsel Frank Garza wrote to District 6 resident Tom Laign to inform him that his complaint against City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez will be heard by the Ethics Review Commission on November 8.

Former City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez has been under fire for using her City gas card to purchase 1,459 gallons of gas in 2022 totaling $5,294. She purchased both regular and supreme unleaded, and at gas stations as far away as Van Horn and Carlsbad.

On August 28, District 6 resident Laign filed an ethics complaint against Rodriguez, who told the press “I did nothing wrong and will not be participating in this kangaroo court process.”

On September 18, outside counsel Frank Garza confirmed the City Ethics Commission has jurisdiction over the matter, and one day later Rodriguez reversed her stance, issuing a press release stating “I plan to vigorously defend myself, my reputation and the actions I took while in office.”

Rodriguez had 14 days to submit a response, until October 2, but that deadline passed without a response from her.

So much for her vigorous defense!

Soon Rodriguez will be asked to appear before the “Kangaroo Court” to explain her conduct and answer to the charges.

Will she face a reprimand, as Rep. Cassandra Hernandez did on July 24?

Will she actually appear, to defend herself?

We shall see.