Let us introduce you to Edmundo Calderon, Chief Internal Auditor of the City of El Paso since 2005.

For 18 years, Mr. Calderon has audited the City’s finances with little fanfare, investigating irregularities and abuse.

Until very recently, he had been in the news only a couple times, most notably in 2016, when he audited the street-paving program and found major irregularities in District 2.

But now that Brian Kennedy, Joe Molinar, and Art Fierro are on City Council, Mr. Calderon has shifted into high gear, revealing financial corruption of the kind that we had long suspected but never thought would see the light of day.

Since April, he has exposed the abuse of City gas cards, P-cards, and travel privileges by two members of City Council.

Next month, he will be auditing the numerous “380 agreements” between the City and developers and the no-bid contracts with City-approved contractors.

After that, he will likely go on to the City’s tax increment reinvestment zones (TIRZes), which are among the most corrupt in Texas.

In short, Mr. Calderon, who has the support of the Financial Oversight and Audit Committee (FOAC) and who, thanks to Proposition J, now reports to City Council rather than the City Manager, is the tip of the spear of financial oversight.

Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, who may have engaged in criminal behavior because of her gas card purchases, has publicly accused him of professional misconduct.

Now we learn there are individuals within the City who have been pressuring and intimidating him, and that he may file a complaint against them over how he has been treated.

Edmundo Calderon is a hero to the taxpayers of El Paso and deserves all our support. Please write him an email to let him know you appreciate what he does for our community and encourage him to keep up the great work!