Dear Friends and Media:

Two dozen people called into City Council today to urge our political leaders to defund the “Arena” and instead renovate the Abraham Chavez Theater at a fraction of the cost. The proposal was brought forward and defended by Reps. Annello and Rodriguez. Not a single caller wanted the MPC to be built in Duranguito–not even Joe Gudenrath of the Downtown Management District, who simply argued that the MPC should be built but declined to state where.


After arrogantly trying to prevent public comment on agenda item 6, which was a discussion of defunding the “Arena” and reallocating the funds for other projects, Dee (judging from his comments, we have apparently dispensed with titles) took the opportunity to attack J. P. Bryan and then restated the same fabrications he told to KVIA a few months ago. See today’s footage here.

  1. Dee claimed that JP and I began the litigation when in fact it was the City that began the litigation on May 2, 2017, when it filed its bond validation lawsuit and request for declaratory judgment action.
  2. Dee claimed that the “Arena” is not for basketball when in fact the City issued an RFQ for the construction of a 15,000-seat basketball arena and G-League basketball was openly discussed in City Council by Rep. Courtney Niland and others in 2016 and 2017.
  3. Dee claimed that the City made an offer to Mr. Bryan to purchase the Duranguito properties when no such offer was formally made, not ever.
  4. Dee again claimed that Chihuahuita was the birthplace of El Paso when in fact it was established in what is now Mexico in 1818, south of the Rio Grande. It only became part of El Paso when the river moved south of Chihuahuita after a flood in the 1860s. Every single expert with an opinion on the matter understands that El Paso began in Duranguito, and the City never disputed this during litigation.

It is a full-time job refuting Dee’s misstatements but I have to try…


Peter Svarzbein is a photographer who went into politics after a stint in New York as a grad student. Now that he is a politician, he fashions himself an expert in many things. He is a financial wizard (think “streetcars”), a historian, and a man of the people! He seems to know more about everything than anyone, no matter what their experience and credentials.

Hence his petty attack on J.P. Bryan, who was actively supporting projects that benefit El Paso while Peter was still in kindergarten. He rudely characterized Mr. Bryan as a “Houston billionaire” and went on to accuse the two dozen speakers who called in to City Council today of taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis in order to promote a political agenda, as if there is anything political about saving our City from a $500+ million boondoggle!

Let us remember that Peter flip-flopped on the “Arena” not once, but TWICE. He also flip-flopped on the architectural survey, giving his word he would support it while first campaigning for office, and then turning against it only two weeks after his election! He is in the pocket of the big developers and their bankers and he is devoid of honor, since he is not a man of his word.

True to form, not one thing Peter stated in his comments today was true. Not one.

Have a great evening.