The attached chart is part 2 of my analysis of the audience ratings for our six local television news networks.

These figures are for the week of April 11-15, 2022, which is the most recent data available, and come courtesy of Kevin Lovell of KVIA ABC-7, who provided me with the Comscore data. I determined the average audience size for the primetime newscasts for each of the six local networks, between 5:00pm and 10:00pm. For example, ABC-7 had an average of 31,121 viewers at 5:00pm, 39,921 viewers at 6:00pm, and 31,207 viewers at 10:00pm, with a total average of 34,120. For newscast audience, the local networks may be ranked as follows:


  1. ABC-7             34,120
  2. KFOX 14          14,366
  3. CBS 4              12,345
  4. KTSM 9           11,237


  1. Noticias 26     15,669
  2. Telemundo 48  5,400

ABC-7 leads the English-language networks and its total audience across all three of its weekday primetime newscasts grew by 3,236 people (3.3%) from March 14 to April 15. KTSM 9 stands at the bottom in terms of viewership and lost 854 viewers (2.5%) in the same one-month period.

Meanwhile, Noticias 26 is well ahead of Telemundo 48 in newscast audience and grew by 343 viewers (1.1%) from March 14 to April 15 while Telemundo 48 lost 164 viewers (2.5%) in the same period.

As I suggested below, the audience rating is a function of content. High-quality content, especially investigative reports that truly matter to El Pasoans, translates into more viewers and thus higher ratings and more advertising revenue.

Very simple.