I have completed my research on the ratings of our six local television networks. In the attached chart, I have compiled the average audience for all newscasts that start between 5:00pm and 10:00pm for the week of April 11-15 (the last week for which I have complete figures), by network. I compare the ratings from Comscore and Nielson, which are based on different metrics, yielding different results.

With both Comscore and Nielson, ABC-7 is the clear leader among the four English-language networks, and KTSM 9 is dead last according to both agencies. For Nielson, KTSM is at the bottom among all six networks, including the Spanish-language networks.

Meanwhile, Noticias 26 has the largest audience between the two Spanish-language networks but is number one overall according to Nielson, which also determined that Telemundo 48 beats three of the four English-language networks.

Again, ratings are driven by content, which in turn drives viewership and advertising revenue. Quality content and excellence in anchoring and reporting translate into higher ratings, and vice-versa. Pretty basic.

Why is this information important? Because our local primetime newscasts are a critically important feature of our cultural landscape. How our television news gets reported locally and which networks are most successful and why will be interesting to a lot of folks on my email list and social media platforms.

The Comscore figures are courtesy of Kevin Lovell of KVIA ABC-7 and the Nielson figures come from another individual who kindly shared them with me. The averages you see in my chart were calculated by me and triple-checked. Please note that I corrected a figure in my first email on this topic (highlighted in yellow at the bottom) regarding the audience of CBS 4 at 5:00pm.

Have a great day.