Dear Friends:

Last week, the Oligarchy Gazette published the letter below by Ann Morgan Lily, who claims to be embarrassed that I am on the faculty of UTEP.

What should really embarrass Lily, however, is that she misspelled “complemented” before thousands of readers while bragging about her university degree. I would have marked her down for that one…

That said, Fenton & Co. were fair enough to publish two very pointed rebuttals to Lily’s screed–one by Marshall Carter-Tripp and the other by Walli Haley–and they are attached here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Arena debate

Re: “City Council vote leads to Foster-Grossman duel – in writing” by David Crowder, May 3-9, 2020 page 4A:

It is astounding that Max Grossman is criticizing the city of El Paso and the multipurpose center that 71% of the voters approved of in 2012. He and his supporter, from Houston, who pays no city taxes, have cost the El Paso taxpayers about $2 million in legal fees in frivolous lawsuits because he finds fault in the wording on the bond. Neither man has deep ties to El Paso, but are “Johnny come lately” critics of the city.

I am embarrassed that Max Grossman is on the faculty of my alma mater, UTEP. Until lately, for over 100 years the university and the city have complimented each other, making this an outstanding place to live.

–Ann Morgan Lilly