Dear Friends,

The City of El Paso continues to embarrass us nationally, as major state and national media networks publish one report after another on their ill-fated basketball arena. Just last week, the plight of 92-year-old Toñita Morales, who has lived in Duranguito for decades and refuses to leave, was the focus of a major report in the Los Angeles Times.

And now the coverage is international. 

On Monday, Toñita was featured by the Spanish-language Agencia EFE, the fourth largest wire service in the world, with extensive international reach in press, television, radio, and internet. It operates in more than 180 cities in 120 countries and is a household name in Spain and throughout Latin America.

Imagine what would happen if Mayor Margo sent in the police to remove Toñita from her home so that his friends can develop a G-League basketball franchise and host Beyoncé in a shiny new building. He will not be able to hide such a thing from the world.

Enjoy your day.