True to their word, the City of El Paso is in the process of removing the fences blocking access to Chihuahua Street in the former “Arena Footprint.”

Today workers began constructing new fencing on either side of the street so that the historic buildings will remain protected from vagrants until they can be sold to investors and restored.

As soon as the new fencing is in place, Chihuahua Street will be reopened to the public, permitting residents Romelia Mendoza and ToƱita Morales to move about freely through their neighborhood.

The City has already removed the weeds that had been growing through cracks in the asphalt, and they cleared debris and obstructions from the sidewalks.

Soon they will install new parking meters and repair any damaged infrastructure.

We are glad the City has decided to move their arena project to a different location, abandon use of eminent domain, cease displacing barrio residents, and commit themselves to the restoration of Duranguito so that the historic buildings there can be preserved for posterity.

Before litigation ended, the arena project was going to cost the taxpayers in excess of $500,000,000 but will now stay within its budget of $180,000,000.