Three pigs having a chat in a remote Chinese village

The Mexican-American Culture Center was supposed to cost $5,750,000 but it will now cost $16,500,000. Nearly triple.

The Children’s Museum was supposed to cost $19,250,000 but it will now cost over $60,000,000, with the City paying two-thirds of the total.  More than triple.

The Ballpark was originally supposed to cost $50,000,000, but after City Hall and the Insights Museum were demolished and the City moved into five buildings that had to be separately renovated, the cost to the taxpayers ballooned to well over $150,000,000.  More than triple.

Triple the pork.

Triple the debt.

Thankfully, we now have a City Council that is committed to fiscal discipline. The arena was going to cost triple as well, but they recently committed to returning to the original cap of $180,000,000.