Only the most despicable politicians enrich themselves on the backs of the taxpayers while in office.

We will never forget that Vince Perez voted himself five raises during his eight years as County Commissioner, breaking the County record for the largest total pay increase while in office:

  1. 10/6/2014, agenda item 18. For FY 2015 voted for increase of 3.0%, from $60,855 to $62,680.
  2. 8/11/2016 (agenda unavailable). For FY 2017 voted for increase of 42.4.0%, from $62,680 to $89,250.
  3. 8/28/2017 item 31. For FY 2018 voted for increase of 1.0%, from $89,250 to $90,143.
  4. 8/27/2018 item 25. For FY 2019 voted for increase of 4.0%, from $90,143 to $93,748.
  5. 9/9/2019 item 29. For FY 2020 voted for increase of 21.6%, from $93,748 to $114,901.

Thus, he began his term in January 2013 with a salary of $60,855 and by the time the voters finally ejected him from office, in the Primary Runoff Election of July 14, 2020, he earned $114,901, an increase of 89%!

He was also embroiled in several embarrassing scandals in the course of his political career that are well documented.

Now Perez is back, running for the Democratic nomination for Texas House District 77 against Norma Chavez.

It is absolutely unthinkable for Perez to be entrusted with another elected office and we are hopeful that Chavez, who has a more fiscally conservative platform, will win the May 28 Primary Runoff Election.