Judge Alma Trejo has been practicing law for 32 years and is now a Democratic candidate for El Paso District Attorney. She worked as a prosecutor for many years and was promoted to Chief of the Rape and Child Abuse Unit before she was elected Judge of County Criminal Court #1 in 2002, a position she held for 21 years. As Judge, she presided over thousands of misdemeanor cases, especially DWIs and family violence cases, including hundreds of jury trials.

Trejo resigned in September 2023 in order to run for District Attorney. James Montoya is her opponent for the Democratic nomination. The winner of the May 28 Primary Runoff Election will face Republican incumbent Bill Hicks in the General Election of November 5.

Today we discussed Trejo’s career, her achievements as a prosecuting attorney in the El Paso District Attorney’s Office, and how she would use her prosecutorial discretion if elected.

We hope you enjoy this interview, the ninth in our series: