Yesterday we conducted a Facebook poll asking the public for whom they would vote for Mayor if the General Election were held today.

We offered three choices: Cassandra Hernandez, Renard Johnson, and Brian Kennedy.

Of course, Hernandez and Johnson have declared their candidacy, but Kennedy has not stated he will run.

Of the 176 votes cast since yesterday, here are the results:

Cassandra Hernandez, 2 votes, 1%

Renard Johnson, 19 votes, 11%

Brian Kennedy, 123 votes, 70%

None of the above, 32 votes, 18%

Even though Hernandez and Johnson have been campaigning for months, Kennedy, who never declared his candidacy or spent a single dollar, got 70% of the votes.

If we eliminate the 32 “None of the Above” votes (since there will be no such option on the November 5 ballot), Kennedy pulls in almost 86%, with 13% for Johnson, and 1% for Hernandez.

We hope that Kennedy, who is a fierce defender of the taxpayers and the American way, will swoop in like Superman and declare his candidacy for Mayor after July 8, when replacing him on City Council would not trigger a special election or cost the taxpayers any money.