Today we interviewed Jim Murphy, former Director of Development of the El Paso Museum of History, who had the “privilege” of working under Tracey Jerome for three years before he quit his job, along with most of his colleagues.

Murphy was employed by the Museum for nearly 12 years, but in 2018 resigned under pressure from Jerome, Senior Deputy City Manager and Director of both the Museum of History and the Museum of Art.

We previously reported that Jerome is the third highest-paid employee in the City, drawing a salary of $232,375. She recently announced her resignation and that she has accepted the position of Town Manager of Mooresville, North Carolina, where she will begin work April 29.

We have heard numerous complaints over the years about Jerome’s management style and professional conduct, but our interview with Murphy lays bare how she treated her employees.

Of the original 12 employees who worked for the Museum until 2018, the only one who survived Tracey Jerome is the building’s janitor.

We hope you enjoy our interview, the 10th in our series: