Dear Friends and Media,

Texas State Sen. Jose Rodriguez’s term of office ended at 12:00pm, a few minutes ago. Since historic preservation and heritage tourism have always been among his top priorities, yesterday evening he took the time to send the attached letter to the State Board of Review of the Texas Historical Commission, which this Saturday will take up the nomination of Downtown El Paso to the National Register of Historic Places.

If you have any question as to why Dee Margo sent his lame-duck letter to the THC on December 23 in an attempt to delay, and ultimate kill, the County’s project to establish the district, I invite you to read the Senator’s letter.

So far, Mayor Leeser has not indicated that he will intervene to replace Margo’s letter with a letter of his own. The law does not require him to go to City Council for a vote of approval. He can simply submit his letter directly, and he still has time.

Enjoy your day,


Max Grossman, PhD

Board of Directors, Preservation Texas

Vice-Chair, The Trost Society

Co-Chair, Restore Sacred Heart Church