Dear Friends and Media,

Moments ago, the City’s Historic Landmark Commission voted 6-0 to support the County’s nomination of Downtown El Paso–including all 13 “arena footprint” properties–to become a National Register Historic District.

Aaron Montes of KTSM 9 News has already released a report:

All the public comments strongly supported the County plan except for two: Dayoub, who is a paid lobbyist; and a rep from Franklin Mountain Management, of which Paul Foster is CEO.

But not a single property owner within the proposed district registered opposition at any point in the actual process–not at the County discussions and votes on the matter, and not during the two-month period of public notification.

As a result of the vote, which stands in stark contrast to Dee Margo’s December 23 letter to the THC, the HLC Chair D.J. Sevigny will send a letter to the Texas Historic Commission, whose 9-member Board of Review will take up the matter Saturday morning and then provide their recommendation to the THC Executive Director, Mark Wolfe. That meeting is open to the public.

Enjoy your evening!


Max Grossman, PhD

Board of Directors, Preservation Texas

Vice-Chair, The Trost Society

Co-Chair, Restore Sacred Heart Church