Under agenda item 10 for Tuesday’s City Council meeting, City Rep. Lizarraga is hoping to appoint Steffen Poessiger to the Historic Landmark Commission.

Chapter 2.24.010 of the Code of Ordinances states the required qualifications:

“All members shall have demonstrated special interest, knowledge, and experience in the architectural, archeological, cultural, social, economic, ethnic or political history of El Paso, and shall include two architects. No one business or professional interest shall constitute a majority membership of the HLC. To the extent available in the community, professionals from the disciplines of architecture, engineering, construction, history (such as urban planning, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography, or cultural anthropology), architectural history, urban planning, archeology, or other disciplines related to historic preservation shall be given preference for appointment for any membership positions.”

According to his Linkin page, Mr. Poessiger has been Vice-President of Mithoff Burton Partners for 17 years “with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.”

What qualifies this man to serve on the Historic Landmark Commission, which deals with historic preservation issues?

Absolutely nothing.

Rep. Lizarraga should be reprimanded for her refusal to seek a qualified candidate for this important position, especially since her district includes our historic Downtown and urban barrios.

Instead she is going with a marketing executive who recently served as Chairman of the Great El Paso Chamber of Commerce. What is her agenda?

Lizarraga’s colleagues on City Council should summarily reject his appointment.

El Pasoans deserve better.