City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez of District 6 accepted $2,500 from Steve Ortega in support of her campaign for reelection, according to item 23 of yesterday’s City Council agenda.

Ortega is a big proponent of demolishing Duranguito and displacing its Hispanic residents for a multipurpose basketball arena so that we can enjoy G-League basketball and Beyoncé concerts while our City sinks even deeper into debt.

As a City rep he fought hard to demolish our City hall and build our insolvent ballpark, which cost the taxpayers well over $160 million and still relies on millions in subsidies from the hotel occupancy tax and the City’s general fund.

As a registered lobbyist for Sun Jupiter Holdings, Ortega worked to transfer control of El Paso Electric to Wall Street.

Why would an attorney specializing in probate, estate and family law be entrusted with lobbying for a $4.3 billion power company deal? Because he is plugged into the Oligarchy like your toaster is plugged into your kitchen wall!

And by the way, have your electric bills gotten any cheaper? Neither did mine.

Ortega currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Management District with a gaggle of Oligarchs and their attorneys.

So why is Rodriguez now taking money from Ortega? Will we see the names of other Oligarchs on her future campaign finance reports?

Recently she voted to support the extension of the City Manager’s contract and to eliminate the mayoral veto and tie-breaking authority, undermining our freedom as voting citizens.

Of course, all that happened after accepting a major campaign donation from J. P. Bryan.

The writing is on the wall.