There are 53 unpaid volunteers in Irene Armendariz-Jackson’s nonpartisan campaign to recall Rep. Cassandra Hernandez from office.

Far from supporting the recall effort, Michael Apodaca, Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, issued a press release branding Armendariz-Jackson as a “far-right MAGA extremist” and encouraging those who signed the recall petition to rescind their signatures.

Apodaca’s statement purports to represent his Party when in fact it was issued unilaterally, without a vote of his Committee, and thus represents only himself.

By several accounts, his impulsive action has sparked a backlash among key Democratic Party officials who feel the recall effort is more than justified and are not especially concerned that a Republican is leading the effort.

Shortly thereafter, Adolpho Telles, Chair of the El Paso County Republican Party, issued his own press release supporting the recall effort without qualification and urging District 3 registered voters to sign the petition.

Telles could have taken a swipe at Apodaca but instead focused on the issue at hand and its significance for El Paso.

Barbara Carrasco, former Republican candidate for Congressional District 16, was less restrained, and in a recent guest column for the El Paso Times targets Apodaca and his partisan pandering.

For her, his attack on the recall campaign constitutes “a Democratic endorsement of Cassandra Hernandez.”

It is unfortunate that Michael Apodaca has chosen to make Armendariz-Jackson’s grass-roots campaign a Democratic talking point rather than support what is best for our community.