Jaime Aguirre (pictured here) is the owner of Speedy’s Mexican Food at 401 Talbot Ave. in Canutillo.

Recently he allowed a customer to place a sign on his property opposing the $387 million Canutillo ISD Bond, which will appear on the ballot May 4.

As a result, Armando Rodriguez, President of the Board of Trustees of Canutillo ISD, placed his own sign across the street urging a boycott of Aguirre’s restaurant.

We interviewed school board watchdog Sammy Carrejo in front of Rodriguez’s sign:

Thus, Rodriguez is using his position as an elected officer to bully the owner of a family-run business because he does not agree with him.

Rodriguez should tender his resignation immediately.

We decided to show our support for Mr. Aguirre and his employees by inviting the public to go there for lunch at 12:30pm this afternoon. A couple dozen folks showed up, filling the restaurant almost to capacity. Here is a photo of one of our tables, with Max Grossman, Jaime Aguirre, and Rick Bonart standing in the background.

Mr. Aguirre tells us that ever since Rodriguez began persecuting his business, the number of clients dining in his establishments has increased!

If any other business owners in Canutillo opposing the Canutillo ISD school bond would like President Armando Rodriguez of the Board of Trustees to place signs in front of their establishments to help boost revenue, you can write to him at armandorodrigueztexas@gmail.com.

Que tengan un feliz domingo!