I confirmed with the City Clerk’s Division that December 13 is the final regular City Council meeting before the newly elected representatives are sworn in at the start of January.

As expected, the Oligarchs plan to ram through some eleventh-hour pork while it is still possible.

Item 43 on Tuesday’s agenda would allocate $7,930,335 for improving the insolvent Ballpark and give City Manager Tommy Gonzalez the authority to make budget transfers of up to $7,930,335 to complete the project.

I am predicting that the six members of the Oligarchy Caucus on City Council will vote unanimously in favor.

Don’t worry, it’s only our money.

Speaking of the Oligarchs, item 16 announces that Claudia Rodriguez, who hopes to be reelected to represent City District 6, received $28,700 in new campaign contributions, including $10,000 from the Hunts and $10,000 from Paul Foster.

Nearly 90% of these donations came from the Westside.

Any questions?