Josh Acevedo worked in the office of County Commissioner David Stout of Precinct 2 before he was elected EPISD Trustee of District 3.

He is now one of four candidates running to replace Rep. Alexsandra Annello of City District 2, who is resigning her seat to run for state office. Election Day is December 9.

Acevedo, like Veronica Carbajal, is a committed progressive who is a member of Local Progress, “a community of powerful progressive leaders fighting for justice and equity.”

His campaign webpage lists three key issues: hiring a new City Manager, improving City services, and enhancing economic development and quality of life.

Yet, the only specific policy he suggests is imposing a vacancy fee upon owners of empty buildings. There is no mention of any other initiative or strategy for the City.

We suppose he is the one to vote for if you don’t like vacant buildings.

Acevedo has reported raising $12,470 so far.

Recently he was forced to return a $2,000 contribution from Dualie Properties, Inc. because it is a corporation. In Texas, accepting campaign contributions from a corporation is a felony. His amended 30-day report reflects his refund to Dualie.

What we find most interesting is that of the $7,695 he raised in November, $2,500 came from the Texas Association of Realtors PAC, $1,000 from Ted Houghton, and $2,000 from Jesus and Lorena Duarte.

We could be mistaken, but we believe Mr. Duarte is Superintendent at Jordan Foster Construction, LLC. We texted Acevedo for clarification but he would not respond.