On November 5 I wrote to Analisa Silverstein, who is a candidate for City District 1, to inform her that her campaign signs lack a notice required by Sec. 259.001 of the Texas Election Code and to ask her how she intends to rectify the problem. 

Since she refused to respond, on November 18 I filed a sworn ethics complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Three days later I received a copy of the attached letter to Silverstein in which the TEC accepts jurisdiction over my sworn complaint. As a Category One violation, Silverstein is required to respond in writing to the TEC within ten business days, by December 5, admitting or denying the allegation.

For proof, I submitted photographs of four defective campaign signs, including the one in front of Silverstein’s home, and screenshots of three social media posts.

As a District 1 resident, I expect candidates who wish to represent me on City Council to respect all applicable laws and am disappointed that Silverstein failed to comply with such a basic regulation.

Enjoy your day.