Claudia Rodriguez, who is running for City Representative of District 6, has been appearing on Fox NewsNewsmax and in the New York Post, attacking our Mayor and promoting her campaign for reelection.

City Council races are supposed to be non-partisan, but Rodriguez’s political posturing in the alt-right media has attracted the attention of the Democratic Party.

Michael Apodaca, Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, issued a statement in October claiming that Rodriguez’s record and values are inconsistent with the majority of voters in her district.

I have now learned that the State Democratic Party Chair, Gilberto Hinojoso, is coming to El Paso tomorrow to support Art Fierro in his bid to unseat Rodriguez.

The Party issued the attached press release yesterday citing the “egregious” behavior of Rodriguez and her controversial positions. They plan to campaign hard on Art Fierro’s behalf and deploy resources and volunteers to help ensure he wins.

It is unprecedented that a local politician has succeeded in transforming a City Council race into a partisan contest, sparking a major backlash from a political party.

If Rodriguez had refrained from diving into federal immigration issues on national pro-Trump media she would not be facing such an uphill battle to hold onto her City Council seat.

All that aside, Rodriguez has voted to increase our property tax, extend the contract of Tommy Gonzalez without a salary cap, expend more than $100 million in COs on 22 different projects, eliminate the mayoral veto and tie-breaking authority, and support a $800K feasibility study to build the arena in Duranguito.

She deserves to lose.