Gabriela Castellano is a teacher at EPISD (and was formerly employed at SISD) and is married to Ricardo Castellano, Socorro ISD Trustee of District 3.

We interviewed the couple in March and learned about their whistleblowing activities and the complaints they filed against SISD.

The two were arrested May 9 and indicted on various counts.

Gabriela Castellano is accused of two counts of “Obstruction or Retaliation” for targeting Gabriela Elliott, a former principal at Bill Sybert School, where Gabriela Castellano was employed as an elementary teacher.

Her two-count indictment states that between August 21, 2021 and March 30, 2022 she did “intentionally or knowingly harm or threaten to harm” Elliot and that she exerted “undue influence in the interference of the daily operations of Bill Sybert School, in retaliation for or on account of the service or status” of Elliot as a public servant.


Today at 2:00pm there will be a Special Meeting of the EPISD Board. Item 2.A.5 recommends “the Termination of Employment of Reading Interventionist, Bobby Joe Hill PK-8 School, at the End of the Contract Period of the One-Year Probationary Contract; Pursuant to Texas Government Code Sections 551.071 and 551.074.”

That would be Gabriela Castellano, who four days ago received this letter from EPISD Human Resources:

It is interesting to us that the Deputy Superintendent of Academics of EPISD is Dr. Marta Carmona, who served as Interim Superintendent at SISD from May 2021 through August 2022, during the period cited in the indictments against Gabriela Castellano.

What are the grounds for “terminating” Gabriela Castellano from her job at EPISD when she has not been convicted of a crime?

We have no idea, and there is no justification on the agenda.

The Board special meeting will be held in the Board Room on the 2nd floor of 1014 N. Stanton Street at 2:00pm today.

Laura Enriquez, the attorney representing Gabriela Castellano, will speak on her behalf.

We will be watching closely.