On Wednesday, Adam Powell of the El Paso Times published an excellent report on Jeremy Jordan, the husband of embattled City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez.

Jordan filed a bar complaint against attorney Casey Williams, Chair of the City Ethics Review Commission, only days after he and his colleagues presented Hernandez with a Letter of Reprimand affirming she abused her fuel card privileges, intentionally using her position “to secure unwarranted privileges for [herself], relatives or others.”

Williams said the complaint filed by Jordan is an attempt to “silence and intimidate” him. “I think it demonstrates this is a clear act of retaliation for the work the commission has done in finding his wife guilty of her violations of the (city) Ethics Code.”

The Disciplinary Board of the New Mexico Supreme Court summarily dismissed Jordan’s complaint, but he has formally requested that they reconsider their decision.

What should we think of Hernandez, who sends her husband to destroy the career of the Chair of the Commission that investigated her?

Thankfully, as we write this post, there is a dedicated team of blockwalkers gathering signatures in District 3 in order to recall her from office.