Dear Media,

Former State Sen. Jose Rodriguez and I serve on the Board of Directors of Preservation Texas, based in San Marcos. We are pleased to announce that on Monday the El Paso County Commissioners Court voted 5-0 under agenda item 11 to award our non-profit $300,000 to establish a West Texas regional office in El Paso. The office will oversee the operations of our organization in nine West Texas counties. Please see the attached press release.

You can view the proceedings of the Commissioners Court here, starting at 46:30.

We are also announcing the dissolution of The Trost Society, a local non-profit that I co-founded with two friends in 2013. The organization promoted the architectural patrimony of El Paso and especially its most famous architectural firm, Trost & Trost, by educating the public through architectural tours and workshops. The Trost Society Board voted last quarter to dissolve and transfer all our assets, including intellectual property, to Preservation Texas, which will subsume its functions and its social media platforms and expand well beyond its original mission.

Sen. Rodriguez and I are very excited about the positive impact Preservation Texas will have on El Paso and the greater West Texas region. Our Board of Directors is chaired by architect Charles John and our Executive Director is Evan Thompson.

To contribute to the new West Texas office of Preservation Texas, please visit here.

Max Grossman, PhD

Board of Directors

Preservation Texas