As we reported in November, the special election to replace Rep. Alexsandra Annello on City Council will cost up to $600,000, and this was just corroborated by Adam Powell of the El Paso Times yesterday.

The two candidates, Veronica Carbajal and Joshua Acevedo, are both progressives and believe that government should have an expanded role in our lives, which is why we will not endorse either one.

Martin Paredes of El Paso News has created a powerful new system to analyze elections called “El Paso Votes,” and he shared with us his investigation of the early vote in the current District 2 runoff.

According to his data, as of yesterday 963 residents of District 2 cast votes since polls opened on January 3. Of these, 35% did not vote in the first election round, on December 9, and 36% did not vote in the May 6 ballot election, which included the odious Proposition K.

That means that a significant percentage of the voters in the runoff election feel motivated to go to the polls even though they skipped the December 9 election.

So which of the two socialists would that favor?

We don’t really care.

PHOTO CREDIT: El Paso Matters, 1/4/2024