Agenda item 13 of the next City Council meeting reveals that embattled City Rep. Cassandra Hernandez of District 3 has received a donation of $1,500 from the El Paso Municipal Officers’ Association.

Let’s not forget that the El Paso Police Department refused to affirm Hernandez committed a crime when she was caught making $6,691 worth of City gasoline purchases in 2022 (including 23 times on consecutive days). They also refused to submit her case to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Back in 2019, the El Paso Municipal Police Officers’ Association PAC paid Jeremy Jordan, the husband of Hernandez, $20,000 for expenditures in support of the $413 million Public Safety Bond, which provided very generous support for EPPD projects.

Need we say more?

It is amazing to us that our local police union would support Hernandez, even after she reimbursed the City for the gas she took in 2022, all but admitting her guilt, and on July 24, 2023 was presented with a Letter of Reprimand by the City Ethics Review Commission.

But it is even more amazing to us that Hernandez, by many accounts, will soon make a run for Mayor!

She has a long way to go financially, as she had only $9,069.98 on hand as of her last campaign finance report; and the $1,500 she just received from the police is much less than what they gave Norma Chavez ($2,500) and Pete Faraone ($15,000), according to the PAC’s recent financial report filed two days ago.

In any case, we have confidence that Hernandez will not be able to raise a significant sum or gain the support she would need to overcome her miserable voting record and Gasolinagate.