We have reported extensively about how City Manager Tommy Gonzalez created the Office of Climate & Sustainability just before he was fired, appointing Nicole Ferrini as its head.

Flush with $5.2 million from Proposition C and a budget of at least $1 million per year, Ferrini and her two staffers are on a crusade for “climate justice” and plan to expand into every corner of the municipal administration.

Ferrini is paid $176,428, but there are also Fernando Liano Berjano, Senior Climate Programs Manager, who is paid $103,500; and Dora Hernandez, Climate Program Coordinator, who is paid $64,200.

Do you have any questions for Nicole Ferrini, such as how undergraduate degrees in interior design and architecture qualify her to run the climate office of a large American city?

Please consider attending the District 8 Community Meeting of Rep. Chris Canales tomorrow, January 11, at 5:30pm at City Hall. You do not need to reside in District 8 to attend.

Use your First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution to criticize your government!