Dear Friends and Media,

Yesterday, County Judge Ricardo Samaniego sent the attached letter to the Texas Historical Commission in support of establishing a National Register historic district in Downtown El Paso.

The Judge argues forcefully that the proposed district must include the 13 National-Register-eligible properties that lie within the so-called “Arena Footprint.”

He also points out that the property owners within the district have all been properly and legally notified. Not a single one has registered formal opposition to the project.

Unfortunately, a handful of powerful individuals who are not stakeholders have mounted a last-minute campaign of misinformation in order to advance their private political and financial interests.

I feel confident that the THC will stick to the objective criteria of the County’s application and will not be swayed by politics.

Tomorrow, the THC State Board of Review will take up the application and I am hopeful that he nomination will be approved without modifications.

Enjoy your afternoon!


Max Grossman, PhD

Board of Directors, Preservation Texas

Vice-Chair, The Trost Society

Co-Chair, Restore Sacred Heart Church