Three prominent journalists have recently reported on the District 6 City Council race between incumbent “Mama bear” Claudia Rodriguez and her challenger Art Fierro.


Victoria Rossi of El Paso Matters highlights the partisan nature of the race, sparked by Rodriguez’s appearances on Fox News and Newsmax and the Democratic Party’s reaction, culminating in Michael Apodaca’s letter to Democratic voters urging them not to vote for her and a visit by the Texas Democratic Chair to a local rally in support of Fierro.

Rossi debunks Rodriguez’s lie that she never voted to raise taxes when in fact she voted to increase our property tax on August 24, 2021 under agenda item 7, an indisputable fact that was cited previously by Elida S. Perez.


Adam Powell of the El Paso Times published a similar report, titled “Partisan politics a factor in nonpartisan District 6 El Paso City Council race.” He cites Apodaca’s assessment of Rodriguez’s “shameless” violation of campaign finance laws and her controversial votes on key issues. It is painful to read Rodriguez’s “proud Latina” defense of her diatribes against our Mayor on Fox News and Newsmax over federal immigration policy, which she claims were not partisan appearances. Fierro claims to be “fiscally conservative” and “socially progressive” but Rodriguez tries to frame him, in classic partisan terms, as a “tax-and-spend” liberal even though she voted to raise our property tax and expend CO funds on 22 different projects, including public art.


Estefania Seyffert of KFOX 14 aired a report on the multiple ethics complaints filed by attorney, author and District 6 resident Arnulfo Hernandez against Claudia Rodriguez over the “irregularities in Rodriguez’s campaign finance reports.” Her violations are an ongoing train wreck. In addition to her recent infractions, Rodriguez failed to file campaign finance reports on January 15, 2021July 15, 2021, and January 15, 2022 as required by state law.


Rodriguez has tried to hide her partisan politics (e.g. her stances on abortion, immigration, etc.) behind a facade of ethnic pride, repeatedly referring to herself as a “proud Latina” and dual-citizen from Mexico and the United States. She recently launched a series of ads featuring stereotyped Hispanics in which she addresses her constituents as “Amigos.” (see attached)

If that weren’t bad enough, in one of her memes she deliberately equates herself with her predecessor Claudia Ordaz Perez, who beat Fierro in a state race, in order to confuse voters!

So this is how she is spending her $21,000 in new contributions from the Hunts, Margos and Foster?

Today is the last day of early voting. Election Day is Saturday,

Art Fierro for District 6!