Claudia Lizette Rodriguez is running for El Paso County Precinct 1 as a Republican, according to the Texas Secretary of State webpage.

On the County Elections page she lists herself as campaign Treasurer!

Is this the same Claudia who voted to increase our City property tax and then lied about it during her campaign?

Is this the same Claudia who was fined $1,000 by the Texas Ethics Commission for multiple campaign violations, including accepting a campaign donation from a corporation?

Is this the same Claudia who was ejected from City Council by her own District 6 constituents by a double-digit margin?

Is this the same Claudia who was presented with a Letter of Reprimand by the City Ethics Review Commission this past November 20 for stealing City gasoline and robbing the taxpayers?

Can Claudia actually win an election?

It is more likely that a salamander will be elected President of the United States.