Dear Media and Friends,

Today Rep. Isabel Salcido sent out the attached press release announcing that she is co-sponsoring an agenda item together with Reps. Hernandez and Rivera for Monday’s Work Session. It reads as follows:

“Discussion and action on the development of cost estimates for the Multi-Purpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center (MPC) to be located in Downtown, and to direct the City Manager or designee to hire a consultant and execute all contracts and amendments to develop the following information: Project concept; partnership opportunity guidelines including public-private partnership specifications; and financial model to include estimate of capital costs and operating costs which is in compliance with all court rulings and legal decisions.”

She and Hernandez voted against a similar item that was sponsored by Rep. Rodriguez on October 26 because they did not want to spend money to hire a consultant.

But now they want to hire a consultant.

Everybody should notice that Salcido inserted the poison pill “to be located in Downtown” into her text.

Her plan is to compel Rep. Annello, Rep. Molinar, Rep. Rodriguez, and the Mayor to affirm that the “Arena” should be built in Downtown, even though the project location was never specified on the November 2012 ballot.

The phrase should be deleted from the item since it has nothing to do with cost.

Of course, it would take months for the consultant to report back to City Council. Meanwhile the City would continue to waste money on bond interest as the value of the remaining $165 million of QOL funds decreases through inflation.

There is no time to lose.

The City manager should be directed to provide City Council, the public, and media with recent comps for 15,000-seat multipurpose basketball arenas (per the City’s 2016 RFQ) so that we all have a general idea of how much this boondoggle will cost the taxpayers.