Two days ago, Cassandra Hernandez posted the attached image to her Instagram bragging about her fiscal discipline because of her vote Monday to not raise our City property tax.

(Yes, I used my editorial license to add two laughing emojis).

What she does not mention, of course, is that she previously voted to raise our City property tax six times in a row!

8/22/2017  Increase City property tax, voted YES

8/21/2018  Increase City property tax, voted YES

8/20/2019  Increase City property tax, voted YES

8/18/2020  Increase City property tax, voted YES

8/24/2021  Increase City property tax, voted YES

8/23/2022  Increase City property tax, voted YES

Not only that, she voted to authorize $504,800,000 in certificates of obligation without voter authorization.

Not only that, she voted for every single insolvent project that came across her desk, including the Great Wolf Lodge rip-off, TIRZ 13, insolvent 380 agreements, and the odious multipurpose basketball arena.

Not only that, during a City Council meeting she actually advocated for increasing our property valuations so that the City can collect even higher taxes from El Pasoans, stating: “It would be in our best interests, including every taxing entity, to ensure that all of the homes are being appraised at a higher level so that we can see more valuations and more tax revenue.”

Not only that, she has just been presented with a letter of reprimand for abusing her City gas card privileges.


In her Instagram post, Hernandez declares “We have some exciting news to share about reducing your taxes!” and then goes on to mislead her constituents by citing a three-cent decrease in the tax rate, which is absolutely meaningless because of the explosive increase in property valuations by the Central Appraisal District.

We would be far more excited if she would just resign!